Evaluating CAVM: A New Search-Based Test Data Generation Tool for C

This page is supplementary to the paper entitled “Evaluating CAVM: A New Search-Based Test Data Generation Tool for C”, which has been presented at the 9th International Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering. This page contains additional results that could not be reported in the paper due to page limits. The data used in the paper is also made available here to enable replication and further research on the topic.


  • The dotted line in the time plot represents the maximum timeout of 300 seconds.
  • If CAVM and Austin time out, the evaluation count is omitted from the plot.

Full Results

AVMf Benchmarks

Source codes

avmf coverage avmf time avmf evaluations


Source codes

anti coverage anti time anti evaluations

Linked List

Source code

linked list coverage linked list time linked list evaluations


Source code

tree coverage tree time tree evaluations


Source code

ls coverage ls time ls evaluations


Source code

decode coverage decode evaluations decode time