COINSE Lab Interview, Fall 2020 MSc Candidates

What to expect

Thank you for showing interest in joining COINSE. You will be interviewed by both the supervisor and existing group members. The interview process includes:

  • Personal interview with the supervisor
  • A short presentation attended by both the supervisor and the group members
  • An opportunity for a casual chat with the whole group

We expect the entire process to last about an hour. Please send an email to the supervisor to book a slot that suits you. When you send the email, attach the required documents that are listed below.


  1. Paper Presentation: You are to choose one of the following papers and prepare a short presentation (maximum 15 minutes - keep the time). Slides should be in English (your talk can be in either Korean or English). Your presentation should summarise the technical contents of the paper. Expect some questions from the entire group.

    • DLFix: Context-based Code Transformation Learning for Automated Program Repair, Yi Li, Shaohua Wang, Tien N. Nguyen (pdf)
    • code2seq: Generating sequences from structured representations of code, Uri Alon, Shaked Brody, Omer Levy, Eran Yahav (pdf)
    • Substate Profiling for Enhanced Fault Detection and Localization: An Empirical Study, Rawad Abou Assi, Wes Masri, Chadi Trad (pdf)
    • Enlightened debugging, Xiangyu Li, Shaowei Zhu, Marcelo d’Amorim, Alessandro Orso (pdf)
    • Historical Spectrum based Fault Localization, Ming Wen, Junjie Chen, Yongqiang Tian, Rongxin Wu, Dan Hao, Shi Han and Shing-Chi Cheung (pdf)
    • Automated Software Transplantation, Earl T. Barr, Mark Harman, Yue Jia, Alexandru Marginean, Justyna Petke (pdf)
    • Big Code != Big Vocabulary: Open-Vocabulary Models for Source Code Rafael-Michael Karampatsis, Hlib Babii, Romain Robbes, Charles Sutton, Andrea Janes (url)
  2. Research Plan: briefly outline what you want to do when you join the group (maximum 10 minutes).

Documents and Information Required

We ask you to share the following documents and information:

  • Your personal CV (to be seen by the entire group)
  • Your undergraduate academic transcript (to be seen only by the supervisor)
  • For graduate students: your KAIST application form in PDF version (to be seen only by the supervisor)
  • Your GitHub or BitBucket ID

Good luck! :)